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Sarah M & Baby C

We are grateful for Amanda.

As a doula, she became a friend, advisor, advocate, and comfort through our entire process. Amanda helped us have the best possible birth experience, keeping us in the driver’s seat and helping us think through decisions both ahead of time and in the moment.

She is well informed and experienced, thus providing us a sense of security. She was extremely responsive, responding to questions and meeting with us several times throughout our journey. She has so much to offer – techniques to aid labor and delivery, wisdom from experience and her training, and resources to educate us about labor/the body/being new parents. At every step of the way she improved our preparedness and comfort to move forward. However, the most defining aspect of Amanda is her relaxed demeanor. She is calm and fun. Her disposition makes her 1) easy to work with and 2) an anchor during an intense time. Her easy-going presence provides comfort when labor and delivery are not. She is sociable and fun - like a longtime friend – it is just easy to get along well with her. Her vast knowledge and collaborative approach to create the birth that you want and to follow your plan is complimented by her calm and enjoyable personality. She is responsive and thoughtful – she works well with others (us, medical staff, friends and family we introduced her to, etc.) and can help provide direction when you are in need. Amanda played a large part in helping us achieve the birth experience we wanted. She will forever be fondly remembered when we think about our experience and birth of our first child

Sarah M & Baby C
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