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I absolutely love working with families as they prepare for their little one's arrival.  I also love supporting them through their labor journey and after their baby has arrived when they need some tips and tricks to thrive.  I am a huge proponent for preventive holistic well woman screenings and care. I love offering client led well woman care.

I offer midwifery services for clients within 1 hour of Oceanside, CA. If you are outside of this area and need assistance touch base and I would be happy to connect you to some amazing midwives who could assist you.  

I understand what a hassle it can be to travel for midwifery care, well woman visits and prenatal and postpartum visits, especially if the time for appointments is in the middle of your workday or you have little ones who can't come with you due to new protocols.  Finding a babysitter has never been more difficult or expensive! I can bring midwifery services to you. 


Home birth is a fantastic option for many low-risk families and such a special way to welcome your little one.  I love working with home birth families and helping you welcome your little one in a comfortable, safe place.  I follow the midwifery model of care and love teaching and empowering families with education throughout their pregnancy.   

If you need well woman care or if you are not low risk or you prefer to birth your baby at the hospital but want more personalized care in pregnancy reach out as I can provide a prenatal / postpartum care package for you. You will have full access to care and assistance and can still birth your baby at the hospital.  Once home I will return again for follow up postpartum care to make sure any of your concerns and questions are answered and you and baby are given a checkup to ensure everything is on the right track for a successful recovery.  

If you are not a client of mine but would like to have a consult for a maternity or wellness related issue, please reach out. I am happy to give my professional insight and advice.

I look forward to visiting with you and am always happy to chat and answer questions!

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Midwifery Services
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