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Words From My Clients & Their Beautiful Birth Stories


"Having Amanda as my Doula for my second child was a GREAT experience! Once again, as with my first, I was induced- but this time I wanted to try to get through a longer length of time without any pain medication or epidural if possible. I believe that it was because of Amanda's help..."

— Sahsha & Baby Anya

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"Knowing that there was going to be someone there to support ME made a huge difference in this labor."

— Patricia & Baby Alyssa

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Amanda was a friend of mine before becoming a doula and since I've known her, she has always had a very patient and calm personality. She manages being a Marine wife,  a mother of two, a volunteer in the community and a doula with ease. Part of the reason I chose Amanda to be my doula was because of her calmness and her ability to manage her life in such an admirable way. 

The other reason why I chose Amanda to be my doula was because I was having my first natural birth and I was SCARED. I think my husband was scared as well and both of us felt like we needed someone to give us tips- beyond the birthing classes we took.  After our first meeting with Amanda, we left with confidence, knowing we can really do this and feeling like everything was "in control." I called Amanda a few times before I gave birth for advice and every time she delivered some of the best advice on labor I have ever heard. 

Throughout my labor, Amanda helped my husband use techniques that I wouldn't have even thought of and as a team, they really helped me get through the pain. She was very in tune with what was working for me and encouraged me to keep doing what made me feel comfortable. My labor was low stress because I knew I had someone by my side that was going to advocate for what I needed. I think men have a hard time seeing their wives' in pain and have a hard time anticipating what their wife may need. It was nice to have Amanda, a woman who has had two children herself, to be there to anticipate what I needed and to give me praise and encouragement when I thought I couldn't labor anymore!


I was a little apprehensive about using a doula but after this experience I plan to use a doula (hopefully Amanda) again if I am blessed to have another child.

Thank you Amanda!

— Kirby & Baby Kyla —

testimonial diane n 3307567.jpg

Thank you for all your support and help to bring
Grayson into the world! We really did get
the perfect birth!

— Diane & Baby Grayson

testimonial jess h 1643483.jpg

Thank you.  You were very helpful keeping the babies dad calm and providing support and information to all the family members. This allowed me to focus on my labor! I really appreciated your support and the variety of positions / pain management methods we used.

— Jess & Baby Luki

20201223 - AJW - Lynne & Baby Thomas.png

Amanda was a wonderful doula for the birth of my second child, Thomas.  She met with my husband and I a couple times before the birth to find out our preferences and to explain the services she provides.  She also followed up with us after the birth.  She was extremely flexible with supporting our birth, given my water broke over two days before my son was born!  Amanda made herself available from the start of my labor through the arrival of my son and initiating breast feeding.  She provided encouraging words, helpful massage when I asked, was quite literally a person to lean on during the pain of contractions, and she served as a sounding board when I had to make tough decisions under duress.  Birth is a messy business yet she helped make it the most wonderful experience it could be for me. I highly recommend Amanda as a birth doula.

— Lynne & Baby Thomas —

testimonial natasha b 4574321.jpg

I found using a doula to be very helpful and encouraging. I will use a doula again in the future as it was so beneficial. I felt empowered to make decisions I might not otherwise have been able to make witho

— Natasha& Baby Josiah

testimonial kari f 7172984.jpg

Thank you for being willing to answer any question I have. You are full of knowledge!

— Cari & Baby Jasmine

20201223 - AJW - Sara & Baby Percy.png

I contacted Amanda while my husband was away on a deployment. We hoped he would be home in time but you can never know for sure. Either way I knew I wanted an all natural birth and having a doula gave me peace of mind knowing there would be another person at the birth advocating for and supporting my wishes. Amanda is a wealth of knowledge on all the local birthing, postpartum and support resources.  She was a great support throughout my pregnancy and when labor finally started she was wonderful! She is encouraging, calm, reassuring, experienced and it was great having a second person there to help me through the contractions. I am so thankful for how well my birth went and for Amanda's awesome support. She is also very helpful and supportive after birth and post-partum with recovery and breastfeeding. I definitely recommend Amanda to all my friends looking for a doula!

— Sara & Baby Percy —

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