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My passion is helping families gently welcome their babies at home. I absolutely love helping new families prepare for the changes that babies bring. As a mother with a large family myself I have a passion for assisting families who are expanding theirs. I loved how my midwives included our children in my prenatal care and thus taught them that birth was a natural physiological event. I am thrilled when I can help other families do this as well by including their other children in the prenatal care, birth and postpartum experience. 

Trust between families and midwives is a critical piece of making sure that out of hospital birth is a positive, safe experience. I, as a provider need to be confident in your family and you in turn need to feel confident in my midwifery skills. Also, your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time are experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. I truly want you to have individuals who you are comfortable with and enjoy spending time with along for this special journey. 

To keep midwifery sustainable and my skills current I have set the following pricing for clients who are within 30 miles of Oceanside, CA. For clients outside of this area there is a $250 travel fee.  At this time, I am not able to offer all in-home appointment care to clients outside of the 30-mile radius.  All payment is due by 35 weeks. All of the packages include a birth tub rental (you will need to purchase a birth pool kit with the liner / hose, etc.) and CUB birth stool use. As I am a huge fan of placenta encapsulation and the benefits it provides, I also include this service in my pricing. My midwifery packages include all prenatal care, birth and postpartum visits. Labs and ultrasounds are billed separately but are generally covered by most insurances. 

I am not an in-network provider for any health insurances. However, many clients are able to get some reimbursement for midwifery care services depending on their care plan. I do work with a billing specialist that clients can hire separately for assistance submitting their insurance claims. 


$8,000 - All prenatal and postpartum appointments held in your home.


$7,500 - Prenatal appointments held at my Oceanside home office. Postpartum 24hr and 3–5-day appointments at your home, all other postpartum care is done in my Oceanside home office.

$6,000 - Pricing for families who qualify for and utilize WIC. All prenatal care is done at my Oceanside home office. Postpartum 24hr and 3–5-day appointments at your home. All remaining postpartum appointments are at my Oceanside home office. 

If you would like to inquire about my home birth availability, please contact me through the contact form. I will reach out by phone, and we can visit to see if we are a good fit, if you meet the low-risk criteria for home birth and if so then discuss the next steps to come into care with my midwifery practice. I take an extremely limited number of clients each month to keep my services very personalized for my clients and allow midwifery to be sustainable for our family.  If you are interested, I highly encourage you to seek out midwifery care early in your pregnancy. This will allow you to get the benefits of personalized midwifery care for your entire pregnancy and allow us to get to know each other well before your baby's birthday. 


Home Birth 
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