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Birth Stool Rental
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CUB Birth Stool Rental

I was introduced to the CUB Birth Stool when working in Okinawa, Japan.  I had many of my student midwifery clients birth their babies using the stool and fell in love with its flexibility and compact size when broken down for ease of storage.   I too might have personally used it a birth or two as a stool and it defiantly saved my back and was comfortable at the same time!  My biggest complaint with the typical birth stool is how uncomfortable it is to use.  The CUB stool offers both comfort and the benefits of upright positioning. 


In the last few years, the studies showing the benefits of upright birth are just staggering. 

Here are a few of them: 

  • Being upright during labor and birth can increase the available space within the pelvis by 28-30% giving much more room for baby to be born. 

  • Some studies have shown that an upright position in labor is as effective as an Oxytocin (Pitocin) drip in stimulating contractions 54%.

  • The chance of your baby becoming distressed during labor when upright is decreased.  

  • The length of the early and middle parts of your labor can be shorter when adopting upright positions.

  • The time taken to push your baby out is shorter with upright positions Your chance of needing medical assistance e.g. forceps is reduced by 23% if you birth in an upright position

  • Your chance of having an episiotomy is reduced by 21% if upright.

  • A 29% reduction in emergency caesarean sections. 

  • Reduced need for epidural pain relief when upright.

  • You will have less chance of needing stiches for a tear and less swelling                      (Details of the above research can be found at

Many families who are planning home or hospital births do the rental and love how flexible it is!  The birth providers who see it being used are generally very interested and want to learn more. 

This rental opportunity is also a great option for birth workers who are contemplating buying their own stool but wanting to try it out for a few births. 

The rental is for 4 weeks around your little one's due date.  It includes the CUB Stool and an inflatable pump, and medical grade cleaning / disinfecting wipes.  Also, the CUB positioning and guide with tips and tricks for upright birth.  

Please reach out if you are interested and would like to reserve!

* This service is only available for pickup and drop off in Oceanside, CA area. *

Image by Alexey Marchenko
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