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I became interested in placenta encapsulation about seeing the difference it made in several friends who did it following the birth of their babies.  I, myself also experienced the benefits after the birth of our 3rd baby.  Also, when working in NC as a home birth assistant in a practice where over 90% of the clients did encapsulation, I saw the direct benefits placenta encapsulation had on postpartum healing and client's emotional wellbeing.  There are various studies out there with benefits and risks of encapsulation.  I have never had a client say they wish they had not done the encapsulation; for me that speaks more strongly than any of the studies out there. If you are looking for studies, I recommend looking at for more information.


I have been encapsulating placentas for the past 6 years, helping over 100+ happy clients.  I received my placenta encapsulation certification through Placenta Benefits, Inc. and also have completed both Blood Borne Pathogen and Food Handlers Safety Certification Trainings.

For your encapsulation you deserve nothing less than the highest quality of care.  The products I use and level of attention I pay to safety protocols reflect my commitment to providing this for you.  I only work with one placenta at a time to give it my full attention to detail and safety protocol.  

I offer encapsulation services either at your home or at my workspace.  This allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you want in the process and also to be aware of exactly what happens. I follow very specific and rigorous protocol for placenta transportation, refrigeration, preparation, dehydration and sanitation.  

If you choose to have the encapsulation done at your home, I just need to use your sink, one stove top burner and some of your counter space.  I will sanitize the areas before and after I am done using them. If you prefer, I do the encapsulation at my workspace I follow the same procedures and then drop off the finished capsules for you. 


The encapsulation process takes two days.  On the first day I clean the placenta and place it in the dehydrator.  Prints, and tinctures are also done this day.  The second day I prepare the dehydrated placenta to make the capsules. 


I offer full-service placenta services and do not charge extra for additional products. 

Custom placenta prints (both blood and color prints are available), smoothie cubes, mothers' broth, cord keepsake and placenta tinctures for no additional charge if you wish to utilize these options.  If you wish to do these services separately and not do encapsulation, I would be happy to help. 

I charge $300 for my services.  Please reach out if you would like more information or to get on my calendar.

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