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Assistance for Midwives, Student Midwives & Doulas
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MANA Stats | Midwifery Paperwork | Professional Insight | Virtual Call 

As birth worker, especially in a solo practice sometimes you just need an extra hand, 

 a listening ear or someone with fresh ideas. It would be my honor to fill that need for you! 

I have been a solo business owner for the past 12years, and I have loved helping many birth workers over the years when hard topics have come up and they need advice and resources.  I have also worked in a wide range of birth businesses over the years giving me tons of tricks to share on how you can adjust things to be more profitable and have flexibility. 

I would absolutely love to chat and share ideas with you.  

Midwives if it is entering your MANA Stats, filling out Proof of Live Birth Paperwork, Birth Certificate Paperwork, Chart Review, Discussion of your pricing and marketing strategy or answering calls from afar so you can have a night or weekend off.  Let's chat!

Student midwives I have been in your situation. I completed my midwifery training with 5 kiddos, my partner was often away for extended amounts of time, we move frequently, and I added a new baby to the family while in school. So, I know how hard the process is and am always happy to lend a listening ear, give non-biased guidance or help sit down and come up with a new plan to make your dream of becoming a midwife a reality.  I was on plan XYZ when I finally finished my final preceptorship and approaching it with an open mind and lots of flexibility made it possible.  I also know what an overwhelming feeling it is to prepare for the NARM Test and graduate and have the "what now" feeling.  Always happy to chat through steps of to do next, where to get equipment and what equipment do you buy, etc. If you need someone to calibrate with you on tips to improve skills or review your CV give me a call. 

Are you a doula and looking to boost your business or need advice? 

Feel free to reach out! I moved my thriving doula business to 5 different states and loved the families I was able to serve and birth community I fostered each new move. If you have a birth story you need to share and work through, if you need tips on figuring out a backup situation, how to handle unfriendly staff, or just a listening ear I would love to visit.  

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