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Amanda Winn

Birth Services

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Doula | Midwife | Pre & Post Partum Support

Providing birth doula services and placenta encapsulation in Okinawa, Japan.
Helping encourage women to achieve the births they desire and deserve!

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Hi and welcome! I am so glad you're here.
My goal is to empower you to have a safe, healthy and meaningful birth experience. I have been supporting Mom's, parents and parents-to-be for 15+ years.  I hope you will explore the tons of resources I have here. I look forward to getting to know you.


The word comes from a Greek word meaning "to serve."   In the active stages of labor, doulas serve and support expectant women and their birth partners...

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I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through Placenta Benefits (PBi).  I started my training in 2015 and received my certification in January 2016...



My goal as a doula is to help women achieve the birth they want!  You will remember the birth of your children for the rest of your life and...

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Your Questions Answered

What is a doula?

The word comes from a Greek word meaning "to serve." Doulas serve and support women and their birth partners and families with the emotional and physical aspects of childbirth, prior to labor, during labor and post-partum. 

Who should use a doula?

Everyone!!  No laboring mother can have too much emotional and physical support. A good doula will empower the laboring mother in ways she never imagined, whether you desire a natural birth or seek medical intervention.

How will you work with my partner?

I love to work with families! Often your birth partner will want to support you, but be at a loss as to where to start. Doulas can assist birth partners in offering meaningful support and assistance.

Your Questions Answered

"...Amanda is a wealth of knowledge on all the local birthing, postpartum and support resources.  She was a great support throughout my pregnancy and when labor finally started she was wonderful! She is encouraging, calm, reassuring, experienced and it was great having a second person there to help me through the contractions. I am so thankful for how well my birth went and for Amanda's awesome support. She is also very helpful and supportive after birth and post-partum with recovery and breastfeeding. I definitely recommend Amanda to all my friends looking for a doula!"

Sarah A. & Baby P.

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Join a birth circle near you! Meet nearby momma's and soon-to-be's. Ask specific questions. Find out about all the resources in your area. (More birth circles coming soon!)

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